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What is Vision Therapy & How Does It Work?

Vision therapy is a series of activities and therapies that are designed to improve binocular function, or to help the eyes learn to work together to process visual information. Vision therapy is most often used by behavioral optometrists for children and adults who have amblyopia or strabismus. Other conditions that vision therapy may be able to treat successfully include binocular vision problems, focusing disorders, convergence insufficiency, visual perceptual disorders, and eye movement problems. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless treatment that can help to correct a patient's visual system over time.

What You Need to Know About Behavioral Vision Therapy

Behavioral vision therapy involves addressing a variety of visual issues, including but not limited to: visual processing and perception, sensory learning, binocular imbalances,  eye-hand coordination, focus ability and facility, oculomotor efficiency and directionality/laterality.

Visual Processing & Perception

Therapy that focuses on visual processing and perception can assist patients in enhancing visual discrimination (the ability to visually see differences between objects), visual figure ground (the ability to separate an object from background), visual memory (the ability to retain visual information over a period of time, visual spatial relationships (orientate oneself in the environment), the ability to recall, identify or reproduce a design.

Sensory Learning

Sensory integration therapy is often combined with visual therapies in order to produce more effective results. Sensory therapies involve using other senses, such as taste, smell, touch, and hearing to corroborate with visual integration.

Syntonic Phototherapy

Syntonic phototherapy, or light therapy, is an advanced type of visual therapy that involves using specific light frequencies through the eyes to treat a variety of visual dysfunctions.

Working With Neenah Vision Therapy Patients

At A B See Vision Therapy Center, S.C., we are dedicated to assisting patients with numerous visual problems. We offer a variety of advanced and scientifically proven vision therapy techniques to assist patients in achieving the best possible visual results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive developmental vision examination. Once your examination is complete, we work with you to develop a custom vision therapy treatment plan that is designed to improve not only your visual acuity, but also how your visual system works as a whole.