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Brain Injury


My vision has returned to my pre-injury vision! : )  I went from needing glasses to read EVERYTHING to not needing them at all. In addition, my migraines have stopped completely. I learned several exercises I can do at home in order to continue to improve. I was frustrated the first half of therapy and then something “shifted” and my vision improved significantly. I’m glad I didn’t give up!



I see things more clearly.

I am less dizzy.

I have less eye strain.


Mother of Keegan  

These have been Keegan’s largest positive changes since starting therapy:  He is telling time (analog clock), counting money, doing math facts (up to 10), counting by 5 and 10, and he can differentiate even and odd numbers. These are all skills we have worked on for a long time and he has mastered them all this fall. He is choosing to read higher level books and he is holding reading material farther away. We are still a long way from grade level, but we are moving forward and the material I am teaching is “sticking”.  Also, he has been choosing to color a lot lately. It has never been something he has enjoyed. 


"I had a stroke eight years ago which I was lucky enough to recover from with the exception of problems with my vision. I had headaches, blurred vision, double vision, a jittery sick and fainting type of feeling when shopping in stores or crowed places. I would get sick! Driving was becoming difficult and I was experiencing tunnel visions.

My Optometrist referred me to A B See for vision therapy. After eight weeks I no longer had blurred or double vision when driving. I can now shop in stores without getting sick. I thank God for the staff and Dr. Dejmek at A B See for giving me back my life."


Since my concussion two years ago I have had vision difficulties. My eyes watered easily and I would see double. In art classes, I would look up at the person across from me and they would be blurry. My eyes felt very strained and ached a lot. Reading took longer, especially in textbooks for school. Now, after my vision therapy, my eyes don’t hurt as much or as often. I read better and have better visual memory. The memory has really surprised me and made me happy!


After experiencing a concussion during football and participating in vision therapy I can tell that I am reading better. I can tell that I am reading better I no longer mix words up or stop in the middle of a sentence to figure out a word. I also noticed that I only have to read a problem one time. I used to get headaches from reading and now I can read half a book without any problems.


I have noticed the following positive changes since I have started vision therapy after my concussion. 

I am back to work and I am experiencing fewer headaches. Before vision therapy the headaches were constant and now I have one per week at most. I am able to drive again and I have better concentration. I am also able to focus on people at a close distance. My day to day activities are back to normal!


The changes in my eyes that I have experienced through vision therapy from Dr. Dejmek and her knowledgeable staff have been awesome! 

My balance has improved, which I think has to do with my eyes. My walking partners tell me I’ve improved a lot with the balance. I used to call it “cutting them off at the pass”! The double vision is soo much better than what it was. It’s not 100%, but so close that I can function freely and I’ve got my driver’s license back, and I couldn’t be happier.

It was hard work – therapy every day, but the end result says it all. You’ve made me very happy.

Thank you Dr. Dejmek and staff.