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Mother of Aric

Hello Dr. Dejmek, I wanted to write to you regarding the fantastic results that we have seen with our son, Aric.  Prior to vision therapy, Aric was diagnosed with "autism with ADHD tendencies". We never felt the "ADHD" part fit Aric since he could sustain his attention when needed or interested. As it turned out, Aric had very poor tracking ability and a very limited field of vision, as revealed through your evaluation. We also thought Aric had "facial recognition difficulties" which again was not the case. By determining the functional vision problems that Aric was dealing with, we were able to correct and improve issues that he had. After improving Aric's field of vision with "syntonics", Aric has been able to notice much more of his surroundings. Vision therapy has helped Aric with noticing more details and thus improved his facial recognition deficits also. The combination of the therapies has helped Aric to focus more and see more of his visual field.  He approaches individuals with confidence and uses names correctly. He is calmer, less frustrated, and able to attend to tasks. He notices landmarks when we travel by car, and even has improved peripheral vision. 

When we came to you regarding the lastest issue with school problems, you immediately evaluated Aric and set him on a path for success. One problem was depth perception and coordination. Aric was failing a phy. ed. soccer unit. His convergence and depth perception were terrible. He also was averaging B's and C's in school. After 16 weeks of vision therapy, Aric finished the year with all A's!  He can focus better, read and comprehend better, and understands math at a higher level. Aric does have high functioning autism but he is in regular education classes with peers. Most of his behavior issues (such as frustration) were diminished with the progression of vision therapy. It was amazing to understand that a lot of his problems with school were due to his functional vision problems and NOT his autism. Aric would not have overcome his tracking issues or facial recognition deficits, convergence issues and comprehension issues, if it were not for vision therapy.Thank you,Thank you so very much for enlightening our family and providing insight and help to our son! 

 I hope other families searching for help can find answers through a functional vision assessment and therapy.  Amazing!

Mother of Carson

After 30 sessions of vision therapy, it has been noted at school, home, and with various other therapists an improved ability and comfort with eye contact and thinking visually. He also has better eye-hand coordination. He seems to move more and with greater ease. He is participating more frequently in Phy Ed class. He does not rub his eyes or blink as much. Also his math facts have improved.

Mother of Tye

After vision therapy Tye’s right eye is now working. He has the ability to track better when reading and his comprehension has improved. He has also been able to pass his spelling tests. He shows less fatigue and increased work stamina. Tye is less clutzy since his balance has increased.