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Visual Rehabilitation for Better Vision

At A B See Vision Therapy Center, S.C., we specialize in vision therapy and visual rehabilitation for patients who have a variety of vision limiting conditions. After completing a comprehensive visual examination that includes vision and eye health testing, we make a visual rehabilitation recommendation based on your unique condition. Treatment may include a combination of corrective eyeglasses and/or contact lenses or vision therapy.

We are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest vision therapy and visual rehabilitation techniques through various continuing education programs. We utilize the most innovative technologies and tools in order to achieve maximum results for each of our patients. By working one-on-one with each of our patients, we learn about each patient's individual needs and expectations, and are able to develop a custom treatment plan designed to elicit the best possible results given the situation.

We do not think of only ocular alignment dysfunction, but we appreciate the critical nature of sensorimotor processes and visual/postural organization in relationship to the rehabilitation process.  Vision is a brain process. We need to remember that the eyes are only sophisticated cameras.  There are at least two visual processing centers in the brain: one that we can "think" with and the other that happens before we can think.  The process of vision has two main components:  spatial component, which enables us to move, maintain posture and balance to remain upright and take a step, and to shift our vision from one target to another. The other component focal, controls attention and concentration on the central target.   This is the one we think with.  In our rehabilitation therapy programs we try to balance the role of the two visual component systems. The Bimodual visual system should be balanced.

We have many instruments and programs which we utilize in the rehabilitation of patients with learning problems or with brain injury.  We use the DynaVision D2, the Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator, Sanet's Vision Integrator, Wayne Fixator and Wayne Directional Sequencer as well as the HTS and Computer Orthoptics VTS4 of Bortel to name just a few programs/instruments.