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Mother of Adriana  

Adriana has grown in confidence as a result of vision therapy. She used to be extremely shy at school and would only play at recess with kids several grades younger. Now she has had little girlfriends come over for sleepovers and has planned special parties for girls in her grade. She has also learned to persevere through the challenge of vision therapy ‘at home’ assignments. I feel this is a life skill that will continue to benefit her. She understands that is takes hard work and effort to meet her goals.

Mother of Ainsley

We have noticed a huge decline in anxiety.

Ainsley was always behind in many developmental milestones in her life.  She never crawled as a baby and didn’t walk until she was 1 ½ years old.  As Ainsley grew into her toddler years, she struggled with her fine motor skills and also her gross motor skills. We had teachers and occupational therapists helping Ainsley, which helped to some degree, but she still seemed to struggle. Activities and skills that seemed to come as expected for other children (e.g.: tying shoes, riding bikes, playing on playground equipment) always seemed to be a struggle for Ainsley.

As Ainsley entered second grade at a new school, her primary teacher expressed concerns with Ainsley’s development. We started her back in occupational therapy and the OT recommended that Ainsley see Dr. Dejmek for an eye exam. With this exam, we found out that Ainsley’s vision was 20/20 but she had other issues, such as convergence insufficiency. We put occupational therapy on hold and started vision therapy at A B See Vision Therapy Centers.

As spring rolled around and after five months of vision therapy, we started occupational therapy again.  It was at that point we realized how just five months of vision therapy had so greatly impacted Ainsley’s abilities! Ainsley practically got on her bike and rode off into the sunset with minimal effort. She could now skate without gripping my arm and making it turn purple, she could hang upside down on the monkey bars and she can ride a scooter. She does many other activities that she seemed to avoid or just could not do before vision therapy. Ainsley’s sense of balance seemed to be restored with vision therapy and confidence in her abilities followed naturally.

After Ainsely’s six month commitment to vision therapy, her world is much happier and easier for her.  We are very thankful that we were directed to Dr. Dejmek and her fantastic staff that helped Ainsley!

Mother of Alaina  

Alaina has enjoyed reading so much more since Vision Therapy. She has learned to set goals for herself.  With family history of vision problems I am happy to have this service available to help Alaina have the best life possible. I am also glad to have these issues diagnosed because my brother had the same problems when we were kids and was labeled as learning disabled which she was not. Thank you for all you do. We enjoyed the staff’s enthusiasm and good attitudes while working with Alaina.


As a patient, I have noticed many different changes. My grades are better.  Now I am on the B honor roll. I can see far away and then close up without getting a headache. I think that all this work has helped me be a better person at home and a better student at school. I loved working with each of the therapists. Thank you A B See Vision. You helped me a lot.

It is like night and day with Cori. She is doing better in every aspect. I really had my doubts, but I was wrong. Everything she does now is better, especially her grades. She had a 1.8 GPA in 7th grade and she is now on the B honor roll. The people at A B See Vision Therapy Centers have been the best people that I have ever worked with.Thank you!

Mother of Courtney

I want to thank you for working with Courtney. I have been struggling to find her the help she needed for several years. She constantly told me that she could not see right, so I would bring her to eye doctor after eye doctor and they always told me that her vision was 20/20. Some did tell me that she had tracking problems, but that she would grow out of it. Because Courtney also has dyslexia, I passed many of her problems off as symptoms of the learning disability. After her evaluation I was guardedly optimistic, but I decided if there was anything I could do to help Courtney overcome the obstacles that she has worked so hard to compensate for, I had to try. Only a couple of weeks into therapy, Courtney was already commenting that things were getting easier for her and after only 16 weeks, many of the problems that she had, the same ones that I passed off as symptoms of her dyslexia, were gone. 
I just want to say thank you for all you did for her. I do wish that the eye doctors that had seen her for so many years had directed her to vision therapy before she was 15 years old, but at least she finally got the help she needed.  Thanks again!

Mother of Dylan  

There was improvement in Dylan’s attitude towards school immediately. I think knowing that there was something fixable going on, as opposed to “just him” was a relief for both of us : )  His comprehension seems to have improved as he has gone up 2 reading levels. He also had a 20 point improvement from last year on his NWEA test in language arts. Dylan does not turn his head as much even if he doesn’t have his glasses on. He seems to be more confident about writing. Vision Therapy has been well worth the time and effort : )  

Mother of Ericka 

Thank you for letting Ericka find the moon and the stars. The moon is a circle and the sky is black between the stars. Thank you for letting the whiteboard have letters and words on them as opposed to a “caterpillar”. Thank you for helping Ericka find the subtle differences in shades of color. Thank you for letting her color in the lines in coloring books. Thank you for letting her be excited to go to school as opposed to being frustrated. Her overall confidence has grown amazingly over the last 10 months. Each week brought progress and more confidence. It has been a pure pleasure watching her grow. 

Mother of Gabriel 

Gabe has come a LONG way!  Since we started vision therapy he has moved 10 reading levels in school and we can read his handwriting now. It was fun to watch Gabe become more confident in himself.

Before we started therapy, Gabe would have trouble with the fishing poles – he would hit us all the time.  Now it’s been over a year since I’ve been hit while fishing : )

Homework has become less of a struggle and his memory has greatly improved.  

Mother of Hailey  

At the start, Hailey was having lots of headaches. Some were from reading, others were from computer use, and others were from driving. She was having these headaches many times per week especially during school months. She has been having these headaches for about six years. At times I read books to her so she could finish her reading for school. Last year she would come home from school and alternate between sleeping and doing homework through her headaches. Since starting vision therapy, her headaches have been reduced from having a couple severe ones every week to having just a few mild ones over the whole month. She was able to start school this year and do reading homework and finish without a headache! She said reading is easier and faster now! We are very thankful!  Vision therapy has made a big difference for her!


Throughout my sessions of vision therapy, I have noticed continuous improvements. Before I started I was getting headaches multiple times a week, my reading speed was slow, I got headaches from driving, I always fell asleep while reading, and reading wasn’t enjoyable. Now through vision therapy I rarely get headaches from reading. My reading speed has become faster, I no longer fall asleep reading textbooks, I am a more cautious driver, I find enjoyment in my school books, I have better peripheral vision, and my eyes feel healthier. All in all vision therapy has improved my life immensely.

Mother of Isaac 

Vision therapy has helped Isaac immensely. He went from struggling to read, to really enjoying it. He asks if he can read to us all the time. It was a lot of time and effort to practice daily but it was very worthwhile!  He will now take his new found love of reading with him for the rest of his life. That alone is worth all the time and effort!

Mother of Jeffrey   

As a result of vision therapy, Jeffrey has been able to move from being unable to read or identify letters in print, to reading on a D & E Level for his teachers and parents. Jeff has always enjoyed books but is now very excited because he can read what is printed. He is constantly surprising himself when he reads what he has seen in the past on signs, books, etc. and now it makes sense. We have also seen some improvement in Jeffrey’s handwriting. Initially Jeff was refusing to write, and now he is attempting simple sentences and journaling without assistance and with very little resistance.  Thanks!

Mother of Keaton  

Keaton is a much happier child than he was 30 weeks ago. When we first came in, he was frustrated, withdrawn, and had very low self esteem. He hated school. His academic struggles had lead to social struggles. He wanted to be home schooled. He felt like he was stupid and didn’t think anyone understood him. From the first visit with Dr. Dejmek, she changed this.

She had an explanation for why things were so hard for him. She validated his challenges and told him it wasn’t his fault. Although we still see Keaton having difficulties with some reading/writing components, he has come so far in his ability to complete work, read independently, play sports, read for enjoyment, engage in confident conversations, and most importantly ENJOY LIFE!

Mother of Lauren

With vision therapy Lauren has advanced a full year, academically, socially and physically in less than four months. Her behavior has improved dramatically. She has little or no meltdowns or outbursts, since she is no longer frustrated. Now that Lauren is starting to read she can stay on track and follow along. She can color in the lines and can even cut on the line with a scissors. She loves going to school everyday now and even wants to go on the weekend.

Lauren is a happier child and now has self confidence.



Since I started therapy, my vision has improved dramatically. Last year in Math 8 (Algebra ½) I was getting a “C” and already this year I’m getting an “A” in Algebra. My vision is no longer blurry when I look up from close work.  I can also switch back to close work quickly and easily with no blurred vision.

When I’m tired after a long day at school, my eye no longer twitches like it used to before therapy and in the early stages of therapy.

I feel vision therapy has enabled me to succeed at my school work. It has actually made math easier for me to comprehend. It has really helped me overall to have a better personal and academic experience.

Mother of Mason

Since Mason started therapy, he has a better attitude toward reading and learning. He is eager to go to school and has a positive attitude toward learning. We have already begun to see improvement in Mason’s reading skills. He is doing much better with sounding out words and word recognition. He has also begun to enjoy reading “The Wimpy Kid” books which is very encouraging.


Mother of Matthew

We are so pleased with Matthew’s improvement.  Matthew is reading like a superstar! Grades are A’s all the way across the board, Yay!!!!  Matthew’s confidence in reading out loud is such a welcomed change!

Sports - No More Double Vision!

Matthew tried out for this year’s baseball league and was able to field the ball with easy clean perfection.

Mother of Olivia

The successes and changes we have witnessed since we started vision therapy have been huge!

She skips fewer words while reading. Also, I feel like she has better comprehension. Her teacher noticed that she decodes words more. All great strides! Olivia said that she feels like her eyes play fewer tricks on her and she can see better.

When I asked Olivia why she so willingly wants to do her home therapy, she said it is because the exercises don’t hurt, and everything is clear. Also, she does not rub her eyes at all when reading. This is a HUGE change! She used to rub her eyes every few seconds. 

When I asked Olivia her opinion on the changes she has noticed she said:  1) I see more clearly 2) I do not see double 3) I have fewer headaches 4) I have less of a need to itch my eyes.

Mother of Sabrina

Since Sabrina began vision therapy, not only did I see positive changes in her performance, attitude, behavior, and focus at school and home, I also saw her develop greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-pride.  She no longer asks, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I learn like everyone else?  Why am I so dumb?”  She’s happier and feels a greater sense of self-worth.  When she was diagnosed with a visual processing disorder and finally knew there was a reason behind her struggles with learning, particularly math, she was relieved and thankful there was help available; a place to learn to cope with the disorder, as well as the techniques necessary to correct her vision problems. She has developed better focus, concentration, and attentiveness; she stays on task, doesn’t put things off until the last minute, and is more organized.  She uses the strategies she has learned through vision therapy at school, when doing homework, and for studying. 

Besides her newfound sense of self-worth, one of the most exciting points during the course of therapy was at her second parent-teacher conferences, when I showed the school psychologist, her vice-principal, and teachers her progress after only 8 weeks of therapy. Not only were they amazed by the results, they all reported a dramatic improvement in her attitude, focus, behavior, and grades. They have been extremely supportive since the beginning of the year, but it was at that moment I could see an almost disbelief that vision therapy really works!  A B See has truly liberated Sabrina; she now believes in herself and her potential, and knows she will be successful in all aspects of life – for the rest of her life. I am thankful that we found a program for her that worked. I recommend A B See to all my friends, family, and acquaintances.  No words can possibly express our gratitude for the gifts A B See has given Sabrina and our whole family; the gift of knowledge, the gift of hope, the gift of lifelong success.

Mother of Stephen 

Stephen has become confident at school. He enjoys going each day and homework is no longer a struggle as it had been. His reading, writing, and spelling are improving. The time we spend doing these things is more enjoyable for both of us. Stephen is happy to go to school.

Mother of Tanner  

My biggest concern with Tanner prior to starting was his writing. He has now taken off in that area, even to the point of writing extra pages because he enjoys it so much. He also has reported that reading is easier for him. He has confidence at school.

During his therapy time Tanner tested to get into a school for gifted learners, where his brothers currently go. Last year when he tested with them, they got in and he didn’t. This year his test scores were not only high enough to get in, he also scored the highest in the family.

I can see that Tanner is now on the road to success and that makes me happy!

Mother of Eli


About a month into 1st grade we got called in for a conference with Eli’s teacher.  She was very concerned about Eli’s reading and writing.  As any mother knows, it is heart breaking to hear that your child is essentially failing at everything!  What was even more heartbreaking was that I had worked so hard with him over the summer so he would not fall behind and would be right with his peers when he started 1st grade.  Hearing that he could only name 16 letters in the alphabet sent me into a state of shock.  I knew something must be wrong.  I didn’t want to be the parent that automatically jumps to the conclusion that something must be wrong with their child, but it was my motherly instinct telling me something must be wrong. 

We talked with our family telling them everything that was going on.  My mom went to work the next day and started talking with some of her co-workers.  One of her co-workers started saying how her daughter used to be behind in reading and writing, and they went through something called vision therapy.  Thank goodness my mom called me right away to tell me about this.  I immediately started researching.  Everything I was reading about it was like I was reading about my own child; behind in reading, writing, poor coordination, lack eye contact, hyper activity, etc.  I called the closest facility, A B See Vision Therapy, (which is an hour away) for an appointment.  It was meant to be that they had a cancellation and got him right in!

Eli did the two hour testing and the results were bad!  The doctor told us that he is below normal with eye tracking, fixation, eye movement, eye teaming, and depth perception.  He couldn’t even perform the reading portion, spatial orientation, or peripheral vision.  He wasn’t even using his left eye properly.  We knew that we had to try this treatment for him!  So our 20 week adventure of eye therapy began!

Every week we would drive an hour one way for vision therapy.  At Eli’s midyear school conference about 10 weeks into treatment, we found out that Eli was showing improvement at school!  In first grade they are required to go through 6 levels of reading and when Eli started 1st grade he was behind two levels meaning he would need to get through 8 levels of reading to get caught up by the end of the school year.  Although he is not at end of year level reading yet, he is making leaps and bounds thanks to vision therapy, his teacher, and thanks to this amazing little boy who has been working so incredibly hard.  His teacher even said that he was able to read an end of year level book to her which made us both cry!  He is also making eye contact with us!  Being a photographer, I could never understand why he would not look at me; now it all makes sense and he now looks right at me!  His coordination is improving too!

We just had Eli’s 20 week follow up with the doctor.  He passed vision therapy!  For the first time ever he was able to read for them and was meeting six year old level expectations for almost everything.  He is using both eyes together now instead of just using his right eye!  He still needs to work a little more on coordination but even at that he has shown huge growth.  In many cases he is now surpassing six year old expectations.  Wow, Wow, Wow!

I would highly recommend vision therapy to anyone who has these same struggles as us.  There are many other reasons why people may need vision therapy but this is Eli’s story and we are happy to share it with you!



Now, I can read.  I can play catch.  I can do school work.  I know letters and numbers.  I know which way they go.  I can write.  

Mother of Matthew

Matthew went from literally not being able to read a sentence or write to the above writing and reading me a “Magic Tree House” book, 3rd grade level in twenty weeks.  I beg you, I implore you, PLEASE, PLEASE for the sake of your child’s future do vision therapy if needed.  As a certified teacher and parent, I wholeheartedly recommend it.  The money we spent on vision therapy is bar none the best use of our money to help our son.  He now has the ability to do school work and a bright future!



I have better peripheral vision.  I can track easier.  I can learn faster.  I will be able to drive a car.  I can catch balls easier.  I can remember to do what my mother tells me to do long enough to do it.  I can drive the garden tractor myself.  Vision therapy was hard work but it paid off. 

Mother of Aaron

As a parent, I went from literally not feeling comfortable having my 11 year old push a shopping cart, walk in a parking lot, or clear the table and considering ADD testing to the young man who described himself above.  Please, if you think your child has ADD, get him evaluated for vision therapy.  


Mother of Mariah

Mariah has become more confident in everything she does.  She now likes to read and has come a long way from when she started 30 weeks ago.  Her vision has improved greatly.  She can now watch 3D movies; she could not see 3D with glasses before.  Mariah is a totally different girl since starting vision therapy.  


Mother of Kylar

Prior to vision therapy Kylar had a hard time in all his classes due to how hard reading was for him.  We started vision therapy a few weeks before school started and saw some improvement at the beginning and then even more as school progressed.  The most improvement was seen in his reading skills.  He went from hating reading and being forced to read, to meeting his Accelerated Reader goal early and then surpassing it, which was amazing!  I had to ask him to stop reading at times which I could never have imagined.  His memory work and spelling has become so much easier for him, and he willingly studies these subjects now which were like pulling teeth in the past.  His confidence has also increased—we couldn’t be happier.  

Father of Kylar

Kylar’s focus and precision has greatly improved.  Vision therapy has dramatically improved his reading and comprehension.  In general, his reading and writing skills have gone from a 3 to a 10!  We are so pleased with his improvement in school and his confidence in reading and writing!  He even accredits vision therapy to helping improve his Basketball skills!


Mother of Dawson

Dawson has had many improvements since starting vision therapy.  He now has a much better grasp of hand/eye coordination.  He knows his lefts from rights without prompts.  He doesn’t run into things or cut corners and hit things.  Headaches, eye strain, and stomach aches have disappeared.  His eyes aren’t blood shot all the time anymore.  He says that he now sees clearly, not blurry, and there is no double vision.  He also has peripheral vision, something he had little to nothing of before therapy, which makes driving things much easier and safer (4wheeler, snowmobile, bike).  His reading ability has improved leaps and bounds.  Although he may never like to read novels, now he can!  He’s much more apt to pick up a book or magazine and read on his own.  He also colors now without being told or asked to.  The lines don’t move anymore!  And he can cut or trace things without a struggle.  He’s a happier kid!  He doesn’t feel stupid or behind, and he isn’t struggling with all of his schools subjects anymore.  



When our son Landon started vision therapy we had no idea how much this was going to impact not only him but us as parents and as a family.  We were referred to A B See Vision Therapy by our eye doctor as we had expressed some concern to him, but he said our son’s vision was fine.  Before we started vision therapy, Landon had a very difficult time reading, seeing words correctly, following the lines from left to right on a page and would get frustrated easily.  He had absolutely no desire to read or do work up close; it was always a struggle.  His behavior and listening skills were not the greatest, but we learned that he had very limited peripheral vision.  He also made very little eye contact, was very easily startled and could hardly stand to be around his little brother, Wesson.  Fast forward to the first few weeks in and we noticed a tremendous change in his behavior—HALLELUJAH! We could SEE the changes! Landon has completed his 20 weeks and now he WANTS to read!  His self-esteem and confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.  He has much improved eye contact and better focus, greater hand-eye coordination, and he now enjoys playing and engaging with his little brother.  We all want to say “Thank You” to Dr. Dejmek and the entire team at A B See Vision Therapy for all you have done to help our son, Landon. We are so appreciative of the work you do—what an impact you make!

To the families that just may be starting: It seems like a lot of work (and it is!,) but I can tell you from experience that if you put in the work with your kid(s), you will see results!  We didn’t always get every single activity in, but we tried and we will continue to implement many of the activities in our home life even if we aren’t at A B See weekly.  The tools they have given us as a family will stay with us forever—We are SO GRATEFUL!  Again, Thank you A B See Vision Therapy Center!

XOXO The Steward Family


Mother of Owen

Owen’s double vision is gone.  He reads more for pleasure, and he reads faster too.  He finds it easier to look from the board to his paper when at school.  His headaches are less frequent.  Owen used to see flashes of light, and those are almost gone.  

Picture of Tanner

Father of Tanner

Tanner has shown significant improvement catching and hitting a baseball; even other parents on the team have noticed.  He was also able to easily read all his birthday cards.  

Below are pictures of Tanner's RightEye Report before and after 10 weeks of Vision Therapy.

Before Vision Therapy                                                                                           After 10 weeks of Vision Therapy